6 Tools and Technologies in the Ethereum Ecosystem

6 Tools and Technologies in the Ethereum Ecosystem

You are reading this article because you have stepped into Ethereum/blockchain world and are looking for tools to help you get through. Though the technology is very exciting the various tools and technologies available to use in the Ethereum ecosystem can be pretty overwhelming for a newbie. As a representative of a software development company in Dubai this guide is for anyone looking forward to building a blockchain app developer career should have a look at the following list of highly useful Ethereum app development tools:

  1. Parity

Parity is owned and maintained by a company called Parity Inc. and is based on the programming language Rust. Parity is a highly popular application of the Ethereum protocol. Parity allows Ethereum app developers to create client software of any kind and complexity and lets anyone join the Ethereum network. Simply follow the specifications mentioned on the yellow paper in order to implement your own client.

  1. Solidity

Another very famous and well-known programming language, Solidity is a top-level language which can be converted to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) byte code. It is widely used to write smart contracts that operate on Ethereum blockchain. Solidity is quite similar to Java in its working where there are various JVM languages like Scala, JRuby, Groovy and Clojure obtainable.

  1. js

Web3.js is the Ethereum compatible JavaScript API that implements the Generic JSON RPC specification. Currently it is obtainable on npm as a node module for component and browser as an embeddable js and meteor.js package. This JavaScript library can be used to interact with a node and allows developing web-based dapps.

  1. Metamask

MetaMask is the main source that enables you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. This tool allows developers to run Ethereum dApps right in their browser without running a full Ethereum node. It comprises of a safe and secure identity vault, delivering a user interface to manage your identities on varied websites and sign blockchain transactions. According to blockchain development company Initially the tool downloads as a Chrome plugin but can later be supported on Firefox and other browsers.

  1. Whisper

Whisper is another very exciting technology in the world of Ethereum which is a communication protocol for Dapps that require issuing small amounts of information to each other.

  1. Swarm

If you looking forward to storing a huge file that needs to be publicly time-stamped such as a patient’s record, a sales deed etc then Swarm is the right choice of tool for you. It is a decentralized content storage and distribution service that may be considered a CDN but instead of the whole CDN hosted on one company’s servers, it is distributed on computers across the internet.

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