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Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt various industries and bring a major change in the world of technology and transform the ways we live our lives and work. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin and is basically a distributed ledger that assists transactions among parties involved in a blockchain network removing the need of a third party intermediary.

Blockchain holds a promising future and Incubasys as a blockchain app development company has started working in this domain to survive the technological change in future. If you are looking forward to creating a blockchain based application, now is the time to hire Incubasys for blockchain app development of any sorts including Bitcoin Android and iPhone app development.

Our services include a complete package of product development, technical support as well as consulting services in leveraging your blockchain based application. Our team of blockchain application development works in unison with each client bringing them the best blockchain driven solutions.

We work as your end to end Blockchain Application Development and implementation partner. We analyse the problem, evaluate various solutions and shortlist the ones which will prove to be the best solution to drive your business’s value. Consult with our blockchain app development team.

What do we offer?

Strategic Consultancy

We work closely with our clients understanding their business idea, evaluating Blockchain applicability to it and formulating a deployment strategy.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

The professional and seasoned team of developers at Incubasys are expert at designing custom made blockchain based solutions for businesses.

Interoperability, Integration and Solution Implementation

Our team ensures to troubleshoot interoperability issues in blockchain and work thoroughly on complex implementation management and third-party vendor integration.

Why is Incubasys preferred for Blockchain Applications?

Incubasys is a team of professional blockchain developers who have worked closely with a number of clients all over the world solving their technological problems using blockchain technology. This has given them a prominent position among other blockchain developers in the industry.

We understand the money spent in blockchain technology should bring with a greater feeling of information security and to ensure that happens we help you and your company take the leap of faith into this new era of technology with the right solutions for you. Being well-versed in blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Big chain DB, Ethereum, and IPFS, we promise to being you nothing but the best in blockchain technology.

Blockchain promises to simplify all the complex and time-consuming processes of business-to-business transactions with an alternative that’s faster, transparent, verifiable and tamper-proof.

Here is why you should consider hiring Incubasys for blockchain app development:

Automation of Processes:

Incubasys helps you automate your business processes through blockchain technology. This includes information exchange as well as transactions of any other sorts. With blockchain technology it becomes possible to eliminate all third party intermediaries and automatically process payments based on pre-set conditions. Complex transactions and processes as well can be completed within minutes.


Client’s satisfaction is our top priority and keeping that in mind we develop blockchain solutions that are customised according to their business’s size and needs. We are proficient at creating web and mobile blockchain apps that are compatible with multiple platforms and capable of reducing costs by accelerating processes, enhance security and increase the visibility of distributed transactions across your authorized business network.

Cost Effective:

We believe in providing high tech solutions to our clients that fit their budgets perfectly. Pursuing that belief our complete suite of business-oriented blockchain apps is highly cost-effective. This approach has enabled us to help clients to save big bucks in investment in technologies.

Support Round the Clock:

Our relationship with our client does not end at product completion and deployment; we stay by your side not only during the development process but after as well. Our dedicated team of developers, analysts and project managers is available to answer any query you may have.

Industry Wise Blockchain Application

Real Estate

  • Property
  • Rental


  • Commercial Insurance & Reinsurance
  • P2P Insurance
  • Subrogation


  • Cargo Assurance
  • Demurrage and Claims

Financial Services

  • Corporate Bonds (Trade & Settlement)
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Global Remittance
  • P2P Payments
  • Trade Finance


  • Health Records
  • Pharma Supply Chain Transparency
  • Provider Data Management


  • Inventory Visibility
  • Parts Provenance
  • Service Order Shipment


  • Distributed Marketplace
  • Food Safety in Supply Chain
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Loyalty Reward Points