Blockchain & ICO Consulting Company Dubai


It all begins with the assessment of your start-up to see if it stands a good chance of raising funds through an ICO.

Depending upon the result of that assessment, we either move forward with the process of implementing our strategy to set up the ICO fundraising or we provide feedback to your team that could be used to bring necessary developmental changes to your start-up before conducting an ICO.

Having a strong foundation is essential prior to go through an ICO, otherwise, it is only a waste of time and resources for everyone involved.

Set up

We work together with your team to set up the ICO’s basic structure and decide on the goal, number of tokens, length of ICO, etc., and produce the following deliverables for the ICO:

  • Roadmap
  • Whitepaper
  • Promotional website
  • Proof of concept
  • Infrastructure for the crowd-sale, digital asset distribution, and exchange listing


Your ICO should be in compliance with the law and to ensure that we have onboard our team some of the best attorneys in town.

Investor Outreach

Your ICO needs support from the tech community. That is what makes or breaks an ICO. Our ICO consulting service includes investor and community outreach. We work with you to build the hype around the ICO prior to the ICO day on all social media and otherwise. This helps build credibility around your ICO within the blockchain community.

Public Relations

Stretching the outreach strategy, our ICO campaign also includes a PR and marketing drive to spur up excitement among interested demographics and raise your start-up’s and ICO’s credibility through traditional and social media.

Post ICO

Our ICO consulting services do not end just here. The crowd-sale has ended. Now, what should you do?

As your product development continues we keep your supporters and interested demographics informed of the progress and any other development with the ecosystem and token. Moreover, we also offer support in various ways to our clients in case they need help to scale up their product and UX capacity. This could either be done through workshops and coaching or augmenting their team with our Product and UX resources.

Incubasys blockchain is a leading blockchain and ICO consulting service in Dubai, UAE.