Blockchain App & Blockchain Software Development Cost (Guide)

Blockchain App & Blockchain Software Development Cost (Guide)

Guide – Blockchain Development Cost

Being a best blockchain development company we often encounter cost queries and although it’s impossible to put a price tag on the services as they depend on a number of factors that determine the final cost, here is an estimated development cost of Blockchain projects:

Web Wallet development from $16 000
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development from $30 000
Cryptocurrency Coin Issue from $25 000
Smart Contract Development and Token Issue from $3 500
ICO Site Development from $9 000
ICO Full Service $100 000-$500 000


A detailed project description helps a lot with determining the exact cost of the project. Remaining within the terms of reference, we can estimate the number of hours required to spend on the project development and multiply the number of hours for the rate and get the total cost. Average hourly rate for blockchain development projects falls between $50 and $70 but can be as high as $100.

Web Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency based on blockchain technology. Whether you want to own cryptocurrencies or trade them you need a Cryptocurrency Wallet. Cryptocurrency Wallets are software programs specifically designed to manage digital asset   stores Crypto assets that let you trade cryptocurrencies of all sorts.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Bitcoin paved way for so many cryptocurrencies and now there are more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies on the market, allowing businesses to cash in the opportunity to build their own cryptocurrency exchange platform and wallet. If you wish to cash on this latest trend, we are available to provide you professional advice and service on Cryptocurrency exchange website or wallet development.

Smart Contract Development and Token Issue

Smart contracts define terms and conditions digitally on a blockchain regarding a contract between two parties. They are automated and actions are triggered whenever the mentioned conditions are met by the parties involved. We provide Smart Contract development using blockchain development as per your business needs. Dump that manual contract method and switch to safer digital method.

ICO Site Development

Similar in concept to IPO (Initial Public Offering), an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a way for startups to raise funds before the actual cryptocurrency is launched. The startup sells a fixed percentage of the future cryptocurrency to the investors in exchange for real money. We offer ICO website development services to such startups and help them create and market their cryptocurrencies through ICO solutions.

ICO Full Service

Our ICO Full Service covers every aspect of a company’s ICO process from planning the entire process, project funding, security services, marketing, PR, company incorporation, model review, to token creation, smart contract, and product prototype development.

Hiring A Team of Experts

Blockchain technology is still in its nascent form and it is quite normal for ICO events to attract technical experts who are well versed in different forms of blockchain technology. Hiring the required technical experts is crucial for startups and although it can take up a major chunk of the budget, right experts in their team can always help the startup in forward direction with their ICO event.

It depends on the type of blockchain project the type of experts a startup needs to hire. From frontend to backend programmers to economic analysts; the entire team work in synergy to make the project a success. Although highly funded projects would definitely go for the most expensive experts, startups can always consider freelancers who charge per hour for their services. Here are some of the key players in a blockchain development project and their average hourly rates:

Job Title Average salary / annum Average Hourly Pay
Frontend developer $43,552 – $105,151 $15 – $57
Backend developer $27,040 – $92,432 $27 – $60
Full stack developer $42,860 – $122,193 $55 – $75
Blockchain analyst $39,746 – $174,244 $35 – $80
Cryptoeconomist $45,495 – $150,000 $20 – $70
Public Relation Manager $37,382 – $101,853 $42 – $56


The team of experts for a blockchain development project would also require advisors who are paid according to the contract. They are a crucial part of the team as they provide both technical and non-technical experiences and sometimes have a major say in deciding the fate of the project. Startups can hire freelancers as expert advisors as required in the project the cost of which is usually mentioned under miscellaneous charges.

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