Chatbot Vs. Human – Which One Is Better?

Chatbot Vs. Human – Which One Is Better?

In today’s age where everything is automated and at a touch’s reach, servicing customers’ needs and interacting with them through chatbots is becoming common which are essentially a computer programme that conduct a conversation via auditory or textual methods. However as it is with every technology there are pros and cons associated with it and its human alternative, so is the case with chatbots.

Do businesses need them?

Can they do better without them?

Whether the business should go for a chatbot or human agent for customer service is highly dependent on the company’s needs and customer base as well. Here’s a side by side comparison of the two for you to decide:


Depending on where your company is based, the cost to run an entire customer service department can be a lot. On top of that, take into consideration the training costs, equipment cost and maintenance cost to keep the department running. Customer service for any company is not a limited time service; it needs to be available 27*7 which most of the times means employees taking shifts. On the other hand incorporating a Chatbot onto your website involves software development and maintenance cost to ensure everything runs smoothly. Well executed Chatbots are able to answer FAQs very well consequently improving your customer service and saving you bucks.

The Human Factor

Chatbots are built based on a simple input system which makes them much organised and systemic, typical of computer software. The biggest pro chatbots offer is the speed with which they can look up information, much quicker than any human would and could, assessing the problem put forth by the customer within milliseconds and presenting them with a solution in the same speed. Chatbots thus are much efficient than a human customer services agent however, they lack that very innate human factor, empathy and the ability to process queries from an emotional perspective as well and not just in an efficient manner. Human agents know when to stop talking and when to begin, when to empathise and when to reason with the customer. Chatbots lack this quality.


Human agents can be efficient but only to a certain level; they cannot handle multiple queries past their ability. However when it comes to the efficiency of a chatbot the benefits are overwhelming. Automated Chatbot means your customer services department is capable of handling multiple customers, chats and queries simultaneously without compromising on the quality of the service. Chatbots are instantaneous and available 27/7. Here is a con though; the level of your chatbot’s efficiency actually depends on how efficiently you have programmed it to be. Human customer services agent on the other hand may be capable of handling no more than 2-3 customers at one time, may delay the entire process in turn but can handle any query, odd or usual with good efficiency.

Final Word

We definitely have stepped into a digital future but let’s on the way not forget our clients that may still be left behind. Older generations who prefer talking to a person rather than a machine no matter how long it takes will still look forward to receiving customer services through an actual human being. So even if businesses keep creating high-functioning chatbots it’s important to keep the option of human customer services agents open. Create new loyalties without leaving out old ones.

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