Cross Platform Apps Development Company Dubai

Different mobile platforms have posed a major hurdle for mobile app developers. Development of a native mobile application for each platform while keeping the operating system and phone’s features in view become a very lengthy, cumbersome and expensive process. Mobile app development companies have built some great tools like PhoneGap, Xamarin, Adobe etc., for cross platform mobile app development.

Building an app on the cross platform is not only cost effective but allows quicker app delivery too. It also reduces the amount of maintenance as compared to a single platform. However there is a little downside to cross platform app development, the UI/UX of a cross platform application are not as good as that of a native application.

Incubasys is a mobile app development company with a team that specializes in creating both native and cross-platform applications using HTML5 or Adobe AIR along with the native wrappers to publish on various app stores.

Why Cross Platform App Development Dubai?

  • Allows you to manage your time so you can get more work done in lesser time
  • Refine leadership skills to manage your team
  • It adds value so everything is geared towards creating value
  • Allows you to automate your business so you may take days off

Cross platform app development has numerous inherent benefits as well as some drawbacks, therefore, it is extremely crucial for you invest in the right app development partner who would help you unlock all the advantages.

Our Cross Platform App Development Service Dubai Include:

  • Utilizing open source platforms and frameworks to create HTML5-based solutions.
  • Creating customized design, development and deployment using the open source stack.
  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile app development.
  • Integration of different social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and other online communities.