How AI Will Transform Mobile Apps And Marketing

How AI Will Transform Mobile Apps And Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new concept known to the people in IT; it’s been around for quite some time now but only recently we have seen some major breakthroughs in this technology just like blockchain development AI apps are getting popular. Big ecommerce names such as Amazon has already started incorporating AI in their website to predict buying behaviour of each customer and recommend them products in future based on that data. According to a recent survey by DemandBase, 80% of B2B marketing executives predict that artificial intelligence will revolutionize the industry by 2020!

Considering that the potential of Artificial Intelligence is huge in mobile marketing industry and it should be something every marketer should take into consideration and incorporate in their strategies because AI is here to stay and transform mobile app development industry.

Here are four good reasons how Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform our mobile apps:

  1. Automated Reasoning

Automated reasoning is an area of computer science and mathematical logic dedicated to understanding different aspects of reasoning and is probably one of the most powerful aspects of Artificial Intelligence to help consumers achieve their goal faster. AI allows mobile app developers to create apps that are now equipped with human-like thinking abilities that enables them to reason for themselves without any human interaction. Once the app is programmed it has the ability to analyse users’ actions and make relevant quick decisions based on that data enhancing user experience and making it more personal.

  1. Learn Purchasing Behaviours

Once a significant number of people have downloaded your app and are engaging with it it’s time you make strategies to maximise your revenue from them. Targeting new customers is a lot more difficult than up-selling to the existing ones. However you need to be cautious with that too. Sending out notifications and emails about everything to everyone in your database is suicidal for your app. Use AI to read customer behaviour and make intelligent decisions. It has the ability to process huge amounts of data for you in a fraction of time, analysing the behaviour of your app users, distinguish between the most active users from those who aren’t and send out relevant notifications to relevant groups of customers at the right time.

  1. Recommendations

If the notifications you send to your customers aren’t relevant they are definitely going to get irritated and abandon the app eventually. Prevent that from happening and provide your app users with a more personalised experience by incorporating AI into your app. Like YouTube that has set AI algorithms that help them read user behaviour and allow them to make relevant recommendations you can also apply a learning algorithm to easily monitor choices your users make while using the app. Our software developers in Dubai are working on AI apps

Concluding Words

Just like any other technology, AI has its own limitations. It’s only as good as the data it collects. Collect the data and analyse it digitally and allow your app and marketers to make confident decisions that they are delivering the right product, services and messages to the right customers at the right time.

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