How Long Does It Take To Build Custom Software in UAE?

How Long Does It Take To Build Custom Software in UAE?

No two applications are similar or take the same amount of time to build. There are three main phases of design and development to each software project which decide the time duration it takes to build one. Looking into each of these three categories separately can give you a better idea of estimated time for software development.

Prerequisites & Design

This phase is rather short and quick in design and development phase. The software development company in Dubai you have chosen to work with documents the system requirements, discusses the different ideas and application features that must work together to bring the software together and your demographics and their needs and capabilities. Once a rough design is in place they discuss any last minute changes with you and start with the next phase: design and development. This stage should not take any longer than a month or two and depends on the availability of your team, your client and how quickly the initial critical decisions are made.

Planning, Designing & Development

Your team cannot dive into the design and development phase without having a plan to follow. Otherwise it’d just be a waste of time and resources, for everyone. During the planning phase you and your team figures out which tasks can be done simultaneously and which cannot. This stage does not take very long since it’s something your team alone needs to do and can take around 2-3 days, a few meetings. Once that’s done, the next step of development is coding which can take the longest, around 3-6 months depending on the complexity of the framework and architecture.


Depending on the software being built a variety of testing needs be done. However, all projects regardless of their type and size should undergo end-to-end testing and user acceptance testing. During development each feature is tested independently but during end-to-end testing the entire software is tested as a whole just like a user would use it. You may release beta version of the software to a handful of users during the testing phase and note down all the glitches that need working.


On average, software development in Dubai from planning, designing, and development takes between 9-12 months depending on its overall size and complexity.

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