How Will Blockchain and Chatbots Be Our Everyday Future

How Will Blockchain and Chatbots Be Our Everyday Future

This is a digital age we all live in where we cannot imagine being without our computers and smartphones, our lives depend a lot on these gadgets. Though we are constantly seeking to simplify our lives using technology there is a constant uncertainty looming over at the same time. Technology is brilliant, it saves time and makes things way easier for us but there is always a hesitation associated with online transactions and orders. Are they secure? Can I trust the brand and the people behind it? Will I get my order I just and paid for? Chatbots and blockchain technology combined together brings us a solution to such problems.

What Are Chatbots?

We blockchain developers in Dubai have seen Artificial Intelligence being used around us for the past few years and one of the best examples of AI use is Apple’s Siri that allows users to ask it about anything and it will reply. But, what we want from AI is more than that and not just loads of information for us to do the rest of the work. Chatbots is the answer to that. A Chatbot is a robot with a human-like voice that not just provides you with information but actually carries out certain tasks for you. One such example is Domino’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot named ‘Dom’ that they recently launched. The chatbot allows you to place your with just one word Pizza.

With users willing to declutter their phones from dozens of apps for each service they use chatbot are gaining popularity really fast among businesses and consumers. Instead of browsing through the internet or downloading a particular app, you can simply chat about it to a chatbot which makes the job easier.

How The Combination of Chatbot and Blockchain Important?

Blockchain technology is basically a registry of assets and data, a transaction history stored in blocks of data. What makes blockchain so cool is that it cannot be tampered with and is unforgettable. This technology has got everyone excited to software developers in Dubai. Expectations among industry experts and consumers are high and they believe blockchain has the ability to disrupt entire industries, with the financial sector taking the lead in doing so.

There is also a huge buzz around combining blockchain and chatbots to get maximum benefits out of both. While chatbots allow us to talk to a human-like voice to make various online transactions, there is an uncertainty around giving your credit card and bank information to anyone behind that chatbot. Since the data stored in blockchain technology cannot be changed it gives you the certainty as it will store your transaction history in a safe and secure way, so that there will be proof for recourse if need be. For example, you ordered a piece of clothing from an online store through their chatbot with a blockchain in place and somehow a different piece of clothing reached your doorstep. You need not worry because the blockchain technology stored the data of the entire transaction the chatbot made with you which can be tracked to solve the issue without you having to go to a third-party enforcer.

Final Word

With chatbots being able to carry out conversations and online transactions like an informed friend and blockchain backing up those transactions with online security and certainty by providing the technological capability of creating a record of all activity, it’s clear why so many big names in industries are interested in combining these two technologies in everyday tasks.

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