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Blockchain, Smart Contract, ICO

Blockchain technology is not just a platform for safe and secure financial transactions through Bitcoin but the capabilities of this newer powerful technology go far beyond allowing people to trade via Bitcoin and displaying their current bitcoin balance and providing details on the cryptocurrency deals in real time. Sure Blockchain has brought a huge change in the world of finance by enabling people to carry out sophisticated actions with cryptocurrencies, simplifying the processes of sending and receiving money and prevent frauds, but this is just a glimpse of what this technology of capable of doing. To know more about Blockchain and its untapped potential, get in touch with our team.

Here are some of the most popular blockchain-based tools:

Smart Contract Development

A contract between two parties that encourages and executes the purchasing agreement through blockchain technology is called a smart contract. Smart contracts are digital contracts that self-execute given the conditions set are met because their workflow is predefined by the code. These contracts also eliminate the need of a middle third party to assist fulfillment and that is how smart contracts may replace legal documents too since the parties who sign up a smart contract cannot amend or delete it in any shape of form and are meant to fulfil it.

ICO – Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering works differently from Bitcoin in the way that it is a type of modern fundraising that allows selling tokens for nascent cryptocurrencies. This blockchain based technology is mainly utilised by companies and start-ups where they can raise capital for development of products and attract investors. So ICO is basically started before the company launch or product release so that the developers can get savvy investors to invest money in the venture and make money off of it in case it succeeds.

We provide array of blockchain services:

  • Design and development of custom Blockchain solutions
  • Initial Coin Offering – ICO
  • Smart Contracts
  • Trading platform connectors development
  • High-frequency computer algorithms
  • Cryptocurrency exchange systems…and more

Do you wish to incorporate blockchain technology into your business processes? Get in touch with our team today for professional help and decide which blockchain approach will suit your needs the best.