In-House Software Team or Outsourcing, Which Is the Way for Startups?

In-House Software Team or Outsourcing, Which Is the Way for Startups?

Any successful business is made one because of their resources, human and non-human. People in any company are the key for its success and you do not want to rush through the process of selecting the most suitable experts for your team, because that guarantees consistency and quality in your work.

Recruiting people however is not an easy task for many tech startups. They are unable to compete with larger established companies in team building mainly because of budget constraints which leaves them with the option of hiring offshore agencies for software development work. But is that a good option for a startup?

Let’s weigh side by side the pros of building an in-house software development team and outsourcing the project to an offshore agency for startups.

In-House Software Development Team Dubai

  • Confidence and Stability

Hiring someone directly gives you the confidence that your data and product information is secured because you have hired those people personally and have gone through their resumes thoroughly. Also, you build a team over the years and with time come to trust and stability in employees.

  • Responsibility and Ownership

You putting your time, energy and money into a product or service means something to you which will never be the case with someone you hired miles apart. Agencies want to finish the projects as soon as possible and get their hands off them, on the other hand, the in-house employees will treat the project as much as their own as it is yours.

Or… Outsourcing to a Development Contractor

  • Fewer Distractions for You

Outsourcing the software development project removes all the worry about hiring and firing an employee. You do not have to look after office maintenance, trainings and vacations etc for those people, which mean fewer distractions and less money spent. You set the tasks and deadlines and expect the results. The team gets to work and the development starts right away.

  • Lower Costs

Outsourcing software development dubai is cost effective too. In Europe and Asia where salaries and other development expenses are lower, the cost of an entire project falls considerably versus maintaining an in-house team.

  • You Can Focus on Marketing

Being a startup means you are new into the market and when you are just introducing your business and product it will require a lot of work and investment. When you don’t have to deal with hiring and building a team you can focus on marketing efforts and prepare a good basis for your product when it is finished.

Both options have their pros and cons. Weigh them well and choose the option that suits your needs and budget the best.

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