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What Is An MVP?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about the product and its users’ perception with the least effort. Simply said, MVP is actually the most basic version of a product with all the essential core features that you may use to test the product in the market and plan additional features. Software development company make MVPs to test products.

An MVP is more than prototype as it involves strategy, idea generation, measuring, learning, and analysis but less than a full-fledge, heavy product. The main purpose of an MVP is to identify the right market for that specific product and have a better understanding of what your customers expect from your product without overspending money, resources and time. By initially offering a simplified version of the product or service you can have significant insights about what your customers want so you do not end up creating something they would reject.

What Can We Do For You

We are a full-service software development company in Dubai, UAE. We help you develop a product that you can use to figure out any risk and uncertainty associated with your idea so you do not end up with something anyone does not want to try out.

We Create Experiences

We at Incubasys do not create products but experiences that are simple to use, attractive and drive results. We believe branding is the right way to go which is why we focus on developing custom products that suit your needs and audiences.


Our process begins with developing the integrated web and mobile strategy. This is where our team sits together, reviews your goals, audience needs and the expected competition in the market so we can deliver your idea in the right direction.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile app developers have extensive knowledge and experience to bring your idea to life. Their aim is to create mobile applications that not only look good on all screen sizes but are responsive and highly functional performing the way you wish them to.

Custom Software

You need a product that is unique to your business, stands out among the rest in the market and performs well too. When the packaged solution is insufficient for your needs our developers and designers can create custom software as per your specifications.

Experience Team

Good web and mobile app development require a great team. Projects are usually really challenging and having a team of developers and designers who understand the idea and project and execute it accordingly is a hard task. Smaller teams tend to work more efficiently as compared to bigger ones. Whether you wish to hire an independent developer or us, we ensure you to provide the right solution.

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