Payment Gateway UAE, Payment Gateway Integration Service

How does a payment gateway function

Payment gateway handles credit card transactions and authorizes payments. A lot of gateway services are provided by third parties such as PayPal, Google, and Authorize.Net as well as banks.

Payment Gateway Portal

A merchant account is required to set up the payment gateway portal. As you submit the request for a merchant account, the data is caught and transmitted to the server in encoded form like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and after that sent to the payment gateway. The data is then transmitted to the server of the concerned bank. The customer’s bank sends a response to gateway itemizing whether the exchanges are approved or declined after which the amount is deposited in the bank account.

Payment Gateway Integration Services

Incubasys team specializes in payment gateway integrations for retail shopping cart business, subscription-based websites, C2C payment systems, multivendor pay-outs and more all over UAE. With our payment gateway solution,s you will be able to make real time monetary transactions in a secure and adaptable way.

Integration Experts

At Incubasys we incorporate hardware and software encryption for added security to your sensitive data to guarantee secure circulation of the critical data among you and your customers. We offer different payment options on your site depending on your business needs.

Select a gateway of your choice and our technical team will integrate the secure eCommerce platform to your website.