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Software development company that endeavors to provide its clients functional and custom software development services in Dubai which are second to none.We believe in being our own competition and achieving excellence by providing solutions that satisfy your needs and demands. We believe our clients’ time is precious and they need to spend it on other important aspects of their business leaving the software development burden on us.

We offers number of comprehensive software development solutions in Dubai such as custom design, idea conceptualization, platform selection, design and development of custom software, quality assurance and testing, support and maintenance, re-designing and re-engineering existing software adapting to new and advanced technologies. Getting custom software made was never this easy before. With our expertise and the client’s idea, every product we produce is meant to be a class in its own. Have questions? Consult our team +971 4 277 6220

Our Software Development Services Dubai:

Desktop Application Development

We leverage the best of technologies available to develop rich, user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work online as well as offline and off the web browser. Our desktop development services include both platform-specific and cross-platform desktop applications to help you turn your software idea into a market reality and help you gain traffic, loyal customers and eventually more business than your competitors. Bringing our industry expertise and technical experience together we develop desktop applications for you that make your business processes simpler, improve your business’ performance and accelerate its productivity.

Blockchain Software Development

Blockchain technology has shaken the digital world. Keeping up with the ever evolving web we offer blockchain software development to our clients. We build decentralized systems for you that are able to store unalterable data in a safe and secure way. We put our experience and knowledge into action and bring you blockchain software development solutions that meet the highest standards on the market. Our software development services Dubai also include development of self-executing contracts, automatic contracts enforcement systems based on Ethereum and other platforms. This allows the entire system to be decentralized and not under anyone’s control and hence unalterable and trustworthy.

Enterprise Application Development

Our team has expertise in enterprise app development utilizing some of the latest programming languages such as Enterprise Java and Ruby on Rails. We offer you enterprise application development services that come from years of hands-on experience of designing enterprise applications. If you are looking forward to getting an enterprise app built for your business that is customised, robust and flawless then we are your best choice. We produce precise web and enterprise mobile applications that enhance your business’ efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

High-End Client Server and Distributed Application Development

We offer high-end client server and Distributed Application development to our clients. Client server application always plays an important role in any business operation. It’s an architecture in which the client requests an action from the server, which then returns the page to your web browser, passes the data and displays it on your browser. Client Server application has the ability to input, process, store and access data anytime, anywhere and through any device. A Distributed Application is a centralized application that handles a distributed database as if it were stored on the same computer. Such an application synchronizes all the data periodically and if multiple users were to access the same data it ensures the changes made to the data in one location are visible elsewhere too.

Web Based Platform Independent Applications

Platform-independent applications are important when you need a platform for your customers and potential clients to experience your services without being restricted to a certain platform type. A platform-independent application lets anybody, with access to the internet and a web browser, have access to all the features and functionalities of the application. We offer platform-independent applications to our clients from any industry and allow them to create a web application for their business that has all the features necessary without being restricted in device and operating system choice.

Software Re-Engineering

Besides new software development we also offer software re-engineering services to our clients who might be interested in redesigning their product and improving its maintainability and functionality. Our software re-engineering services include reverse engineering, restructuring, redesigning, redocumentation, forward engineering and retargeting. Trends change and technology evolves and software and systems become outdated which then require redoing to make them easier to maintain and operate. Depending on your needs we customise a software re-engineering solution for you.

Distributed App Developer Dubai

We offer distributed application development which is software executed on multiple computers within a network that interacts in order to achieve a certain goal. What makes distributed applications different from traditional ones is the type of system they run on. While traditional applications rely on a single system to operate, either the client server or the one they access, distributed applications run on both simultaneously. The significant advantage of distributed applications is that if a node running a particular application goes down another node can resume the task and prevent application from crashing and shutting down.

Software Upgrades and Maintenance

Do you need your current software upgraded and maintained? Besides custom software development services in Dubai we also offer our clients software upgrade and maintenance services. If you got your application or software made a few years back then chances are it is high time it needs some renovation and upgrading as per the newer trends in design and development. Continued client support and customer service is offered by us to our clients allowing them to have a perfectly maintained software.

Mobile Applications – Apps for iOS (iphone, ipad), Anroid Apps.

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, you need a mobile application representing your business. Recent statistics show exponential growth in mobile phone usage in all walks of life and the best digital platform to reach out to these demographics is through mobile apps. We provide mobile application development services for Android and iOS which cover more than 90% of mobile devices globally. Mobile application design and development stage is followed by an extensive testing phase that ensures the app made fits all screen sizes, variants, resolutions and versions of the OS.

Our Software Development Expertise:


Apple presented Swift language after continuous work on Objective-C. Swift is a newer, faster and highly efficient programming language that comes with powerful features for iOS and Mac applications. Since its introduction the language has been adopted by a number of leading iOS and iPhone application Development Companies. Looking at the change in trends, we too have adopted this new language in iOS app development and have developed a number of successful, feature-rich and highly functional apps based on Swift language. We provide iphone mobile application solutions based on this new apple Swift language.

Android (JAVA)

Mobile app developers around the world prefer SDK and Java programming language to develop software applications of all sorts. . SDK for Android is actually a Software Development Kit and the Android SDK provides the developers with tools to develop the apps and API libraries. The entire process of building, testing and debugging applications for Android has been made really easy for developers with these libraries. Android SDK components are found in Android Developer Tools (ADT).


Our PHP programmers are experienced in developing mobile applications that are secure, multi-user, new and high performing. Having worked on multiple versions of PHP starting from 4.x to 5.x, our developers have gained valuable experience and knowledge that allows them to create more complex and better apps using this language. Some of the products we have created using PHP include building community websites, Content Management System, e-learning software, Document Management Systems etc. Our PHP experts have extensive experience in database layer development using FileMaker, Mysql, SQL Server, Postgre-SQL (Pgsql) to build 2-tier and 3-tier web applications.


Microsoft .NET framework has slowly and readily taken over the world with its unique offerings of coding possibilities using multiple languages and wide range of porting possibilities. .NET development began with desktop applications and rose up to enterprise and consumer web applications and is now slowly extending to other handheld devices and phones with Windows OS. We have been involved in .NET app development ever since it started making waves in the industry. Our expert developers are experienced with initial 1.0 version of .NET to latest MVC based frameworks and with their ability to combine modern AJAX and JS based frameworks with ASP.NET, we have delivered successful .NET applications.


Node.js is an event-driven, non-blocking and a lightweight I/O modal build on Google’s V8 engine and is ideal to create lightweight, scalable and fast applications without buffering. We are one of the pioneered Node.js web and app development service providers in Dubai and have delivered a number of accomplished applications based on Node.js. Whether you want a plug-in and module development solution or need an app development, we can cater to your needs regardless of your business size.


Angular.js is one of the latest, greatest and most quickly adopted front-end technologies of this decade and has been adopted by us, including numerous other app developers around the globe, to create some trendy, powerful and highly functional web and mobile applications. We are dedicated to providing the best quality web development services using AngularJS programming language. Our pool of app development experts utilizes its in-depth in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Angular.js to build dynamic and functional applications.


Utilizing our Ruby on Rails development skills from years of work and experience, our team can create well thought-of solutions to work out your business goals. We, being a professional Ruby on Rails Development Company understand the nature of your business in its entirety and your specific requirements before diving into selecting a Ruby on Rails model. We specialize in creating personalised web applications based on the core competencies of Ruby on Rails platform. We provide highest quality Ruby on Rails web development services for businesses of all sizes and you are only one call away from getting yours.

Businesses need to reach their goals to stay ahead of their competitions and packaged software solutions are great as long as they serve the client well but in most cases they fail to fulfil the client’s goals. A client may require changes to already developed software or may want to get a whole new software solution developed out of scratch. To meet each client’s requirement, expectations and business strategies, We offers custom software development services in uae which are tailored while keeping the client’s specific demands and goals in mind.

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