How Much Does A Custom Software Development Cost in Dubai

How Much Does A Custom Software Development Cost in Dubai

Putting a price tag on prospective software is impossible for anyone in the industry even if they have been developing software for years. Price of custom software development dubai can fall anywhere between AED 15,0000 and AED 125,0000 mark from design and development to execution and testing. This price range is pretty broad and not useful if you need to put a specific number in your budget. However, to get a better idea to contact a software development company in Dubai to know where price might fall, below are some of the factors mentioned that have the biggest impact on price.


This is obvious, the bigger the software the more screens and pages it will require and subsequently will take more work and time to build and hence more expensive. An average software application may range in screen number from 20-30 and those with screen number higher than 40 are normally categorized as large applications.


Complicated software means more coding, intense thought process, more time consumption and testing and hence higher the price. If your application is required to perform complex processes, heavy analysis, number crunching etc. then it calls for special attention and more time.


The design process involves selecting fonts, color palette, images, and any custom illustrations, videos to give your application some fun and spark. The more customization you need or ask for in design elements and artwork the higher the price of the project will be.

Integration With Other Systems

Integration of your software application with external software comes with a lot of unknown variables into the equation. Sometimes it’s extremely easy and effortless and other times they become extremely difficult and cost a lot more, you just don’t know how well the other system will let the information flow, in and out. Typical integrations for example payment providers such as PayPal or Authorize.Net are very easy to execute but older systems pose a challenge.

Designing Within The Budget

Software can be designed to fit a certain budget. That requires prioritizing the elements and including only the most important ones. The items lower on your priority list can be left out. You can add more features and design elements to your software later as you go and feel the need but software testing need to be done with every step and iternation.

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