Software Engineering vs. Programming, Is there a Difference?

Software Engineering vs. Programming, Is there a Difference?

Software development requires establishing step-by-step logical and meaningful programs, procedures, and associated documents to be read by a computers’ hardware which is crucial to the successful software development. Both computer programmers and software engineers are necessary to this process. Their roles are not interchangeable unlike many would argue that both have the similar job of coding, decoding and designing and it’s just their job description that differs. While both professionals make valuable contribution to the industry, their jobs are very different from each other and that makes a huge impact on their roles and responsibilities in organisations.

Software programming and engineering though appear similar are different basically. Programming is more about writing the code whereas engineering is more related to building the entire system and making that work. Programming hence is considered to be a part of software engineering which includes understanding the project requirements, devising a solution, designing the software, planning the route, organising the code, writing the code, understanding the software infrastructure, testing the software made and collaborating with other software engineers on projects.

Software engineers are also called Software Developers. A Software Engineer designs the software components which are combined with other components written by other team members to build a product. They are involved with a development project right from the beginning; they decide what a business or client needs, what type of software should they develop for that client and how should the software be designed according to their needs and goals. They are also involved in designing the layout, doing the creative development work which is important to develop new software.

Software Programmers on the other hand receive specifications and directions from Software Engineers and turn their designed program into written instruction codes that the computers actually read and make everything work. Software programmers though familiar with other aspects of develop specializes in programming languages such as C++ and Java and should be able to upgrade, expand and debug existing software by overwriting codes and fixing bugs.

Software Engineers and Software Programmers though have entirely different jobs work in unison with each other to build software and applications.

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