Software Testing Company Dubai

Incubasys blockchain I B, a software development and software testing company in Dubai, has worked with top-notch clients all over the globe developing various types of software and custom software solutions for them. Our services include not only design and development but thorough software testing services in Dubai, UAE that are maintained and delivered by our skilled Quality Assurance & Quality Control teams.

Maintaining a quality to the work is not easy but that is the only sure way to success and Incubasys ensures top level quality standards are met right from day one of design and development by integration of software QA and QC into the cycle and all the way through the implementation and execution stage. Success lies in teamwork; our QA team works in sync with application and software development team creating design instructions and automate test cases and execute them.

Our QA testing services dubai include:

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Third Party Interruptions
  • Network Connectivity

Software Functional Testing Dubai

We provide manual, semi-automated and automated app functional testing services detecting the application’s bottlenecks to ensure it works smoothly and provides expected functionality.

Software Performance Testing Dubai

Our QA team detects the loopholes and weak spots in the software, assess current and planned data and user load and tune the component accordingly to enhance performance.

Software Usability Testing Dubai

Nothing is worse than an application that is not user-friendly. Our QA team ensures the software is not only uncomplicated but has simple, intuitive navigation.

Software Compatibility Testing Dubai

The software is tested for compatibility with browsers, operating systems available in the market and those in use, various smart-devices to ensure it runs smoothly without any glitches.

Network Connectivity

Our QA tests the software for its behavior and functionality under different types of networks, connection speeds and weak connection quality.

Software Third-Party Interruptions Testing

The application may be affected under third-party interruptions such as incoming calls, texts, phone charging, Bluetooth or WiFi usage and we test the app for all such situations.

Software Security Testing Dubai

Data theft is a huge concern among developers and app owners, therefore, our QA team performs an end-to-end security check to ensure the app is secured on both ends.