Top IoT Application Trends for 2018

Top IoT Application Trends for 2018

IoT has a lot to offer this year and it’s beyond everyone’s imagination. IoT is expanding on its current strengths and as soon as 2020 the shipment of all the smart home devices, be it safety and security systems like alarms, cameras, sensors or smart appliances like coffee makers, washing machines, dryers or any energy equipment, would increase two-fold. As Artificial Intelligence becomes the new User Interface this number is expected to increase.

AI and IoT promise a future that will completely transform the way people carry out their daily tasks. Smart houses, smart cities and smart lighting are just a few of the many fields IoT is making a difference in. That being said, here are the top trends in IoT applications rising this year:

Improved Business Models

This year has brought a new wave of IoT applications to the markets, new forms of wireless connections and protocols, hassle-free UI/UX and new and improved business models with reduced costs of ownership are a few prominent ones to mention. Although some technologies like Wi-Max, Bluetooth, Wifi, Low Power Wi-Fi , LTE, regular Ethernet and Li-Fi are already being used to connect IoT devices to sensors but this year will see latest technologies such as Sigfox, LoRaWAN and 3GPP’s narrowband (NB) being tested for the purpose.

Smart Homes

Home devices connected to sensors allow residents to control and monitor a broad range of home operations even from far away. They can monitor their houses, access control, and security and make their houses more energy efficient. Smart home devices are a bit costly at the moment because the technology is relatively new, it costs a lot to build and there is not much sale. As the technology improves and becomes more accessible to the masses it will cost less and soon we could see personal assistants and robots moving inside our houses.

Smart Cities

IoT has allowed devices to be highly interconnected and make lives easier. The smartphone in your hand lets you start and stop the oven even if you are not in the house and the oven in turn can signal people that the food is ready. And this is just one example of IoT. Apart from IoT applications in smart homes, smart security systems and energy efficient equipment, the technology has progressed towards connecting houses within a city and making the entire cities smarter. Companies are working towards establishing a network of interconnected devices with the aim of linking intelligence and information with devices.

Healthcare Industry

With IoT, we can now expect to see smarter hospitals and clinics with better healthcare services. Ever seen a hospital bed that auto-adjusts itself? Well there is now a possibility for you to witness that. Smart beds are connected to sensors that adjust the height according to patient’s movements removing the need of any nurses. There are also medication dispensers for homes coming up that will keep a track of patient’s medicines if they are being taken on time or not. This equipment is not yet commonplace but it will be once the technology spreads and becomes more accessible to everyone.

These are few of the many amazing trends IoT has to offer to everyone. Our software development company in Dubai is working on numerous IOT projects. As years pass by and technology progresses we will see a lot more applications of this technology in various other fields.

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