Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Programmers?

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Programmers?

Artificial intelligence is capable of doing a lot more than a normal person can comprehend. It can write songs, paint pictures, help in a medical treatment, play games, drive cars, and manage houses and a lot more. Not only that, but Artificial Intelligence is also capable of writing codes, creating programmes and apps.

Does this mean the future is of Artificial Intelligence and that days of human programmers are going to be over soon? Will app development and software engineering be automated in the near future?

Personal assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana are usually asked to do trivial stuff but is that all Artificial Intelligence capable of? Definitely not. AI achievements are getting better and more impressive day by day.

What we see depicted in Hollywood fiction movies is just fiction at the moment. Their storytelling of AI supplanting humans has not come true yet and most probably will not in the near future. Bots taking over the world and destroying human species is far from becoming a reality but does that mean real-life AI is 100% safe and under human control? It’s not true.

In 2016, Microsoft released a Twitter bot – Tay which was designed to mimic the language of a 19-year old American girl and to learn from interacting with human users of Twitter. It had to be shut down because it started posting inappropriate tweets.

In 2017, Facebook had to shut down its bots – Bob and Alice which were created to perform conversations between human and computer. They had to shut down because their mode of communication with each other was impossible to comprehend by people.

So can AI be controlled? Experts show their skepticism towards AI. But they do share their worry of what will happen when machines become smarter than humans many artificial intelligence companies in Dubai are working on AI products.

There is no doubt that computers will be much better at programming in the near future than they are now. Is that future near? No. The main question right now is whether AI will replace human programmers or not.

What’s Next for Software Development? Will AI Replace Programmers?

At our software development in Dubai, UAE we believe AI is breaking boundaries; machines are becoming smarter but not smarter than humans right now. So does that mean software developers will lose their jobs soon? Will apps be developed through AI now?

Probably not yet.

It will take some time before AI takes over, writes code of more than a few lines and creates actual, functional and user-friendly applications and software. And it will take even longer than that before AI learns how to interpret the business value of each feature in the software being developed and advise you what to develop first and what ways to adapt to make your product better.

As for now, it’s better to stick to human developers and their ability, creativity and decision-making skills to deliver software that is user-friendly and loved by them.

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